The Six-Step Model

The GRAPES Education Six-Step Model 


STEP 1 (Evaluation)

An initial evaluation is conducted by qualified educational consultants and psychologists to understand how individual students learn best. This is evident in our educational philosophy and pedagogical practice. This stage through an initial consultation will ensure that solutions are provided specifically to a child’s need and ability in order to improve their grades and competence. It also assists in identifying academic challenges and learning disabilities, however, not all students have learning disabilities. Parents will also have the opportunity to work closely with the best psychologists and educational consultants in Trinidad and Tobago and the U.S.

STEP 2 (Remediation)

The second step of the model provides students with academic remediation to improve their grades and overall performance at exams. Students will receive online practice and guidance for navigating through their school curriculum by a registered educational consultant. Online practice activities will NOT conflict with studies at school and are flexible enough to provide instructional scaffolding for what is already being taught or should be taught in school, at any time and anywhere. As such, students will never miss a topic again because of a low-performing teacher or from being absent at school because of an emergency or illness.

The online platform not only provides comprehensive feedback to consultants monitoring a student’s academic performance, it also stimulates learning and enhances the learning experience for students through fun, a reward system, and exciting imagery.

A clinical psychologist will also provide recommendations to support the psychological development of each child. This can also support coping with peer pressure, bullying and other negative influences at home and at school. At this step, parents will also be able to identify the specific problem areas which are preventing their child’s academic excellence and/or social preparedness. A student who feels better learns better.

STEP 3 (Monitoring)

At the third step of the model, consultants will monitor a child’s academic performance and social/or psychological development over a period of time (weekly, monthly or annually depending on the need). This step helps to ensure “speedy” remediation to problems that may occur during a child’s progress and to ensure he/she is improving according to expected academic and social standards.

STEP 4 (Career Guide)

At the fourth step, an educational consultant will identify through various tests,  which profession is best suited to a student’s personality.  This helps students to identify the professions they would like to pursue when they become an adult. It also assists in the process of motivating students to excel and to perceive education as relevant to their goals and desires.  This is an exciting step and care should be taken by parents to ensure that their goals and the goals of the students are not in conflict with each other.

STEP 5 (Subscription Shares )

The fifth step of the model is implemented by redeeming a gift certificate for a Subscription Shares account (Supplied by Trinidad Building and Loan Association). This will ensure that your students have a good financial start in life or that funds are available for University expenses home and/or abroad.

STEP 6 (Integration Into Higher Education)

The sixth step of the model provides a comprehensive career path and guide that identifies the universities locally, regionally and in the U.S.A which offers tuition aligned with the professions identified at Step five. At this stage parents will network with an educational consultant, a tertiary education recruiting officer or a representative from the U.S Embassy for more information on what is required to enter the various faculties at University home or abroad. Parents seeking overseas tuition for their students will be provided with guidance on student Visa applications, scholarships, SAT preparation and financing (provided at no cost from the U.S Embassy/EducationUSA). The goal of the sixth step is to ensure that students transition from secondary school and into University to become successful and wealthy adults.

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